A Letter From A Farmer Reminds Me The Bus Reaches Far And Wide

I don't get much handwritten mail anymore, either at work or at home. These days, the easier route is to send messages and letters electronically to get a message to anyone.

But last week I actually found a small card in my mailbox at work that looked like a thank you card. I opened it as I wondered what someone might be thanking me for...when I discovered it was a "thank you" from a Bus listener, just for doing what I'm paid to do for iHeartRadio.

Ethan is a farmer from around Clarion, Iowa. A quick check in Google maps told me it's about a hour and a half drive from Des Moines, probably right on the edge of The Bus' 100,000 watt reach from the tallest radio/TV tower in Iowa just north of Alleman. Ethan just wanted to say thanks "for being an awesome voice at 100.3 The Bus, the only station that plays in my tractor". He also thanked me for getting him through the harvest, and "all the other seasons too".

I was really touched! I'm just playing music, while Ethan is working hard feeding America on his tractor. But if the Bus music, and hearing my voice, makes his job a little easier, that puts a spring in my step too. This Thanksgiving, I want to say Thank YOU, Ethan! And thanks to all of our great Bus listeners out there, wherever you are.


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