Cooper Is The Best Dog And Now He's Fighting Cancer

Like so many of you, my family considers our pets to be part of the family too. Cooper has been my best friend since he was a puppy. And, like me, he's fallen for my husband Paul and our kids too.

Cooper is a true radio dog. He can sit quietly in the studio with me for hours while I'm on the air.

He once ran for mayor (I would TOTALLY vote for him to bring people together in happiness and love!)

He used his birthday one year to help gather food and needed items for homeless pets.

Coop has overcome many health issues in his life- he had his ACLs rebuilt, and he had back surgery 8 years ago too. And now, he's being treated for sarcoma, a soft tissue cancer. But he's 13 now, so I'm not sure how long this cancer battle will go. We've had the lump removed, now we wait to see what type of cancer it is, and how quickly it might come back.

Cooper always has so much love to give, like he did during his time as an ARL therapy dog and visited classrooms. But sometimes, the greatest love you can give your best friend is knowing when to just love them, and enjoy every moment you have together in good health.

I'll keep you updated.

With love for all our fur kids,

Cooper's Mom

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