VOTE: What's Bigger For You Today- MLB Opening Day Or The Masters?

I'm a huge Cubs fan, and I love baseball- heck, my husband Paul and I had a baseball themed wedding and got married at Principal Park! But Major League Baseball has been really stupid for a long time, culminating in the strike that delayed spring training and canceled our Holiday Vacation to Arizona to watch games. MLB is terrible at marketing, both the game itself and its biggest stars, TV blackout rules means in Iowa we can't see six (6!!!) teams (Cubs, White Sox, Twins, Brewers, Cardinals, Royals) play their games on a regular basis, and then they decided to strike on an already waning fan base that's making it hard for even the biggest fans to care about games anymore. So can probably guess I voted that for sports fans, The Masters is a bigger deal today than what used to be "America's Favorite Pastime".

But the good news- it's always a great time at Principal Park, and Opening Day is next Tuesday April 12th! And the Iowa Cubs have an open house at PP Saturday from 10a-2p.

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago Cubs

Photo: Getty Images

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