RUSH's Alex Lifeson Offers Glimpse Of New Solo Music In Video For Gibson

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has long been enamored with the idea of making a solo album.

Lifeson has been writing and recording music on his own and as a guitarist-for-hire since shortly after Rush's final tour in 2015. While there's still no solo album to speak of, in a recent conversation with Anderton's Music Co. Lifeson pointed out that fans can get a taste of his solo music in a pair of recent videos he made for Gibson.

The videos promote his new Epiphone Alex Lifeson Les Paul Standard Axcess, a signature version of a heavily-modified Les Paul he played for years in Rush.

"I have two tracks on my website that were in the [promotional] video — 'Kabul Blues' and 'Spy House,' they're called. So that's a little indication of some of the stuff I've been doing in the last four or five years," Lifeson said.

The longer glimpse at the new music is in the "Alex Lifeson and Gibson - A 50 Year Ride" video on Lifeson's own YouTube channel. The two instrumentals can be heard beneath Lifeson's voiceover.

Both tracks feature Lifeson's Envy of None collaborator Andy Curran on bass, while "Spy House" also features David Quinton Steinberg on drums.

Lifeson and Curran (of the band Coney Hatch) confirmed the Envy of None project in June, noting that the group features vocals by Oregon-based singer Maiah Wynne.

The debut album is being mixed and Lifeson expects it to arrive late this summer or early this fall.

"I'm really excited about it," Lifeson told Andertons. "'Cause [Maiah's] voice is very fragile and delicate in a lot of ways, and that contrasting with the heavy, dark music that we put together, it's a really, really cool combination and I really love the stuff."

Lifeson previously collaborated with Wynne on her 2019 single, "Fearless Girl."

Lifeson concedes that there might be some live performances in support of the album, but he's ruled out the possibility of another lengthy tour.

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