Food: Celebs Who HATE Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Lattes debuted last week, officially signaling the beginning of fall. Usually they aren't available until . . . well, FALL . . . but this year they're out early because 2020 has been so horrible.

But there are some PSYCHOS out there who somehow DON'T like pumpkin, pumpkin spice, and pumpkin flavor.

"Us" magazine has a list of those mutants . . . and they are:

1. Al Roker: "I hate pumpkin spice lattes. There's no pumpkin in it. It's just chemicals, it's artificial flavoring . . . it doesn't taste good. I've tried the Pumpkin Spice Oreos . . . horrible."

2. Martha Stewart, who once suggested that pumpkin-spice-everything was for, quote, "basic [B-words] only."

3. The late Anthony Bourdain: "Who's eating this stuff? Is there some vast demographic of pumpkin-crazed people hanging outside of, what the pumpkin outlet is, like a methadone clinic, waiting for it to open up so they can get their pumpkin spice?"

"I would like to see the pumpkin spice craze drowned in its own blood. Quickly."

4. John Oliver: "Pumpkin Spice Lattes [are] the coffee that tastes like a candle."

5. "Barefoot Contessa" host Ina Garten: Some of her most popular recipes include pumpkin spice cupcakes and pumpkin roulade, but she's said that she does NOT like the lattes. Quote, "I like coffee to taste like coffee."

6. Patton Oswalt: (Careful) "Pretty soon Starbucks will stop being coy, and offer to just shove a pumpkin and a fistful of nutmeg in your ass for $20."

7. "Chopped" judge Alex Guarnaschelli: "I'm trying to remember when pumpkin spice was special."

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