Ahnold Sues Company over Lookalike Robot Butler

Back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, Russian robotics company Promobot previewed an animatronic Terminator-era Arnold Schwarzenegger face for its Robo-C line of companion robots. Their big selling point is that they can put anyone's likeness on your robot servant, citing examples like Marilyn Monroe, William Shakespeare, and Cristiano Ronaldo. The robots are supposed to be able to mimic human facial expressions, answer questions, recognize and remember human faces, connect to external systems and services, and manage household appliances. According to Gizmodo, Schwarzenegger wasn't consulted and is not cool with the idea.

The actor has filed a lawsuit asking for no less than $10 million in damages. The filing states that Schwarzenegger would have asked for a minimum of $30 million to approve putting his face on the product. Check out the demo model below. What do you think...creepy or cool?

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