Family Bilks IRS Out Of Millions

You have to appreciate how dedicated this family was to milking the IRS out of millions

A South Florida father and daughter claimed the government owed them $175 million in tax refunds on their lottery winnings.

The IRS paid them $3.4 million before they realized the pair had never even purchased a winning ticket. The pair claim to be “aboriginal indigenous Moorish Americans” that are immune to any government authority.

Now they're on trial in a federal courtroom accused of tax fraud.D

Danielle Takeila Edmonson and Kenneth Roger Edmonson began filing a series of bogus tax returns in 2015. Danielle claimed an unspecified amount of lottery winnings and managed to get the IRS to pay her $239,700. With that money, she went out and bought a BMW and took out $60,000 from the bank in cash. The next year she decided to ask the IRS to pay her over $80 million in returns on over $141 million of supposed income.

In fact, over the next few years, she kept asking for more and more money and the IRS ended up sending the pair over $3 million dollars in refunds. The trial began yesterday and is expected to last for three days.


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