Toilet Company Has The Answer For Long Employee Bathroom Breaks

What is it with The Man cracking down on employee bathroom breaks this week? First there was an office's weird "smell check" policy. And now this one almost sounds like torture . . .

A company in the U.K. called "Standard Toilet" has a new type of toilet with a seat that slants forward to prevent workers from taking longer-than-necessary bathroom breaks.

It's on a 13-degree slope so some of your weight is on your legs, and you literally can't sit there for too long. 

They say your legs should start getting tired after about five minutes. It's supposed to mimic what you do during a squat thrust. So if you're out of shape, you might find yourself in trouble.

They also claim it's good for your posture and puts you in a better position to do your business. But even if that's true, the main selling point is it gets people back to work as fast as possible.

They cost between $200 and $650 depending on features. And they might be selling a model with an even steeper slope. Their website mentions one with a THIRTY-FIVE degree tilt. 

(Here's a photo, and a diagram.)

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