Just In Time For Christmas: The Led Zeppelin Hot Wheels Collection

Led Zeppelin's upcoming entry into the Hot Wheels Pop Culture Collection is a tailor-made stocking stuffer for all your "Friends."

Five collectible die-cast vehicles inspired by the group's career are set for release this month. Each will be be themed after a specific time period. See them all below.

"Haulin' Gas" is a late-'60s tour bus in black and silver, with the iconic Hindenburg disaster from Led Zeppelin's eponymous debut painted on the side. "Super Van" is reminiscent of the old-school Hot Wheels Real Riders, with the band's name in a pink font and the smoke from on each side. The rear is emblazoned with the LP's nickname, "The Brown Bomber," and a vanity license plate reading "LOTALUV" that nods to "Whole Lotta Love."

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