Survey Says Most Parents Steal Halloween Candy From Their Kids

It’s safe to say a lot of kids are excited for Halloween because they’ll be hauling in a boatload of candy. Well, it turns out parents are equally excited, for the exact same reason.

A new poll of parents with kids ages three to 15 finds:

  • Two-thirds have stolen candy from their kids after trick or treating.
  • The average parent will eat over a third of their kids’ treats.

As for how they’re likely to snag that candy from their kids…

  • 49% hide the candy, hoping their kids will forget about it
  • 43% tell their child some of the candy went missing
  • 41% “inspect” the candy, and then hide some
  • 40% sneak a few pieces without their child noticing
  • 37% pretend the candy went bad.

Hiding candy seems to be the most popular strategy when trying to steal Halloween candy from kids, with 59% of parents admitting they’ve actually hidden candy from their children. Of those who’ve hidden candy, they say the best places to do so include: 

  • In their bedroom (57%)
  • behind other food in the kitchen/pantry (54%)
  • On top of the refrigerator (53%)
  • In the car (51%)
  • In their office (46%) 
  • And if stealing candy doesn’t work, many parents have a surefire way of making sure they have Halloween candy to enjoy. The poll finds 63% of parents buy extra candy on purpose so they have leftovers for themselves. 


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