Jeff Lynne Talks About Meeting Tom Petty On Sunset Boulevard

Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty collaborated on various projects over the course of their respective careers, but the impetus of their work together began with an unexpected meeting.

During an appearance on the radio show, Lynne told host Uncle Joe Benson about the moment Petty got him to pull over on Sunset Boulevard to suggest that the pair write songs together.

“He beeped his horn and I kept thinking, ‘Who’s that?’” Lynne said. “And it was Tom. ‘Hi, Tom!’ He said, ‘Pull over – I wanna have a word with you.’ He’d just been listening to George [Harrison's] album,Cloud Nine, which I’d just worked on, co-produced it, and he really liked it. He said, ‘Do you fancy writing some songs together?’ I said, ‘I sure do.’”




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