Food: BK Is Featuring The Ghost Whopper for Halloween

Burger King just loves messing around with food colors for Halloween . . . even if the buns do some weird things to our internal plumbing.

Back in 2015, Burger King made a Halloween Whopper with a black bun . . . that wound up turning people's poop green. Then last year, they made a black cherry Fanta slushie that also turned people's poop black, blue, and green.

Well, this year, their new Halloween sandwich is the "Ghost Whopper." And its big gimmick is that it comes on a white cheddar cheese-flavored bun.

There's no word on what color it's going to turn your poop . . . but whatever color it is, it'll affect fewer people than past years, because BK is only selling the Ghost Whopper in 10 stores.

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