Weird Sexy Halloween Costumes Are A Thing This Year

There's a new Halloween costume on sale this year, ladies, if you want to dress up like . . . sexy Mr. Rogers

It was created by a company called Yandy that's known for making some of the more ridiculous "sexy" Halloween costumes. In past years they've made things like a sexy"Handmaid's Tale"costume, sexy fake news, and sexy pizza rat.

But back to Mr. Rogers. Their new "Nicest Neighbor" costume costs $60 and comes with a tight red V-neck sweater, a detached collar and tie, and high-waisted gray shorts.

You can also spend $13 more for the "Be My Neighbor" add-on, which features a vinyl gray wig and two hand puppets.

But the costume isn't without controversy:

The model they used is named Dessie Mitcheson. And she says that since the costume came out . . . she's been getting TROLLED online.

Quote, "I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and so is Mr. Rogers . . . So I'm getting a lot of hate mail from Pittsburgh people saying 'How could you do this to Mr. Rogers?' Someone wrote to me, 'Don't ever come back to Pittsburgh again.'" 

They're also selling a sexy Bob Ross costume called the "Happy Tree Painter."

Check it out HERE

And now, this.

Yandy's latest is . . . a sexy college admissions scandal costume.

They did kind of phone it in on this one, though. It's just a tight orange crop top with the phrase "Mom of the Year" crossed out and the word "INMATE" stamped on it instead. And it comes with high-waisted, tight orange pants.

If you're interested, it's on sale now for $70. 

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