Couple Burns Pennywise Doll That Lands In Their Back Yard

A New Jersey woman dealt with an unsettling plush clown appearing in her backyard in the most sensible way possible — by destroying it with fire. 

Renee Jensen posted in "We Live In Bergen County," a local community Facebook group, about her odd encounter with the stuffed Pennywise. She and her boyfriend, Alex, were sitting in their backyard when they noticed something fly "out of the sky" and land on the ground.

It was a toy of Pennywise the Clown, the villain from Stephen King's It.

So they called the cops.

The two Harrington Park police officers who showed up assured her that reporting the incident was a good idea.

"They were hysterical," she told "They wouldn't touch it. They were totally creeped out too. It was so funny."'

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