Here Are America's Favorite Cleaning Chores

A recent survey found that a lot of people would do anything to get out of household chores, but it turns out when we have to do them, there is one most people don’t hate all that much.

According to the American Cleaning Institute’s 2019 National Cleaning Survey,doing laundry is America’s favorite household chore, with 24% saying it’s their favorite. As for how people feel about other chores:

21% of folks like cleaning counters

21% like vacuuming

17% like doing the dishes

7% like cleaning furniture

7% like wiping windows

4% like polishing floors

But while folks may like doing laundry, they aren’t necessarily cleaning their clothes correctly. It seems that only 35% of people actually look for the fabric care advice on labels before washing something, while 42% check it sometimes and 23% rarely or never do. As for what type of water they are using, 52% use cold water either half or all of the time, while 32% mostly use warm water, and 14% use hot water.

Do you like doing laundry?

Low section of girl cleaning floor with vacuum cleaner at home


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