Woman Uses Metallica Music To Scare Off Cougar

Having the right choice of music on your phone could save your life. That’s the lesson learned after a Canadian woman used aMetallicasong to scare off a wild cougar.

The incident occurred just outside of Duncan, British Columbia. Dee Gallant was taking her dog for a walk last week when she noticed they were not alone. “I just had the feeling I was being watched,” she told Victoria News. “I looked over to the right and there he was.”

The cougar stood about 50 feet away and was slowly creeping towards Gallant. The woman was not initially frightened, but rather excited by seeing the animal. “I remember thinking ‘cool that's a cougar,’” she explained to KelownaNow. “Then it was ‘why is it still there?,’ before turning into ‘oh my god it’s coming toward me; I need to make it stop.”


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