Someone Photoshopped The Presidential Seal At A Trump Speech

When Donald Trumpspoke to a convention of conservative teens on Tuesday in Washington, he took the stage in front of a video backdrop that included a doctored presidential seal – complete with a Russian emblem and a set of golf clubs.

It was a reporter from the Washington Post that noticed the presidential seal seemed a bit off. Ok this is the description: The seal featured a two-headed eagle, grasping a set of golf clubs with its talons. The two-headed eagle looks similar to the two-headed bird featured on the Russian coat of arms. In addition, the Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum," which means "out of many, one" was replaced with "45 es un titere," which is Spanish for "45 is a puppet." The red and white striped shield was replaced with one that contained small images of the Soviet hammer and sickle. The presidential seal was removed but pictures had already been taken and it is now circulating all over social media.....

President Trump Speaks At The Turning Point USA's Teen Student Action Summit


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