Paw Purr Azzi CUTE ALERT: A Parade Of Baby Flamingos

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After getting fed in the morning, these flamingo chicks get herded to their outside pen, where they can be in the sun, bath in a pool and play around! The flamingo parade is so cute that everybody wants to watch it, every day!

Over 2,000 flamingo chicks were abandoned, when their parents fled to save themselves from the drought, as the dam dried up. The chicks got sent to bird rehabilitation centers, but they were extremely young and many were very weak and dehydrated, and didn't even survive the trip. The birds received round the clock care, and the surviving chicks started growing stronger.

This video was shot over a month later, and the remaining flamingos are now out of the woods, and love spending the day outside. The Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor) is the smallest species of flamingo, and occurs in sub-Saharan Africa and from the Arabian Peninsula to Pakistan and India. They make extensive movements in response to environmental conditions, and are partially migratory.

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