It's A Thing--Crocs With Fanny Packs

Someone thought it would be a great idea to take 2 items the fashion world mocks and put them together!

Introducing Crocs with their own fanny packs attached! However, the joke is on everyone laughing at them. Turns out, It is a genius business decision. These will go viral and will sell like hotcakes because of the population of people that have to have the "thing" people are talking about. Read moreHERE

*I will also say, these do seem like they'd be great for outdoorsy types. I gotta admit, not having my pockets loaded up with stuff is nice too. As long as they don't pop off your heel from putting anything in those packs...

   Win $1,000 for Mom and a Boesen's Bouquet!   - Thumbnail Image

Win $1,000 for Mom and a Boesen's Bouquet!  

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