Social Media Star Has Breakdown Over Having To Get A Regular Job

Social media star Jessy Taylor has posted a tearful video online, sobbing over the prospect of having to get a 9-5 job after her instagram account was taken down. She had a large following and made her living posting to Instagram as an influencer but didn’t know why this had happened. She later found out that Instagram had received complaints about her account but details weren’t provided to her. She tried to work with Instagram to re-activate her account but so far, they haven’t done so. Taylor started a new account since according to her; she doesn’t have any career skills to get a normal job.

"What some of you guys have to realize is I have no skills, I'm twenty-#$!****-thousand dollars in debt from college so I can't even go to college if I wanted to,”Taylor said in a video posted on her Youtube channel.

"I want to say to everybody that's reporting me, think twice because you're ruining my life, because I make all of my money online, all of it and I don't want to lose that.”

"I have no job qualifications, I could never work a normal job."

She opened a new account on Instagram but has almost no followers, go figure....

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