How Evolved Are You? This Simple Test Will Show You

Well, if you have it, you are proof of evolution! I kind of found it fascinating. My dad is to blame, he made me watch shit like this all the time on the Discovery Channel when I was little.

While humans have certainly evolved over the course of time, there are still a wide range of bodily traits that we maintained that were passed down from our ancestors. Early evolutionary history certainly informs the way that our bodies function today and even those who find themselves disagreeing with this sentiment will find much to chew on when they take a look at this clip.

The wrist tendon test starts at :28 into the video.

Did you know that your body carry a certain vestigial structure that serves to prove our evolutionary history? Most of us would like to believe that our vestigial structure proves the simplicity of our evolutionary history, but this video serves to prove these skeptics wrong.

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