Trailer Trash: Chucky Is Baaaack...

No more sequels for everyone's favorite killer doll. Chucky is getting rebooted this summer with a remake of Child's Play .

The studio just dropped the first trailer, but we don't get a great look at the new Chucky. We do know that he will sound different because original voice actor Brad Dourif will not be involved in the remake. The new cast is impressive, with Aubrey Plaza as the mom who unwittingly brings Chucky into her home and Brian Tyree Henry as the detective trying to figure out what's going on. Expect an announcement on the new voice actor for Chucky soon.

The screenwriter of the 1988 Child's Play (and creator of Chucky) isn't happy about this remake. He has his own idea for a TV series carrying on the continuity of the original and it's six sequels. The show is still in development at SyFy, so we could end up with competing Chuckys.

The new movie hits theaters June 21st.

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