Ozzy Celebrates Anniversary Of Biting The Head Off A Bat With A Toy Bat

Ozzy Osbourne announced the release of a plush toy to mark the anniversary of the time he bit the head off a bat on stage.

The former Black Sabbath frontman created a rock legend in Des Moines, Iowa, on Jan. 20, 1982, when a bat was thrown at him from the crowd. Assuming it was fake, he put it in his mouth and tore its head off – at which point he discovered it was real, and alive.

“Today marks the 37th Anniversary since I bit a head off a f*cking bat,” he tweeted. “Celebrate with this commemorative plush with detachable head.” The 12-inch-tall item, which is on sale for $40, is described as a “web exclusive” with the explanation: “Bring the legendary moment in rock history to life with this soft toy plush bat, featuring the Ozzy Osbourne logo and a velcro detachable head.”


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