Slash, Nikki Sixx Recall Their "First Time" Songs

Slash getting it on to Fleetwood Mac? Nikki Sixx seducing a girl with Seals & Crofts? A new story features musicians talking about what music was playing the first time they had sex.

Over at Louder Sound, they asked a bunch of hard rock and metal dudes if they remember what they were listening to when they lost their virginity. Slash believed it was Fleetwood Mac's blockbuster  Rumours.

“I nearly first had sex to Aerosmith’s Rocks," the guitarist recalled. "I’d been courting this girl for months, finally got in her apartment while her mom was away and she put it on. I played it over and over until she said, ‘You might as well go!’ Usually, it’s the girl’s music that you end up having sex to. So it was probably something like Rumours, which was very popular with the girls back then.”

Motley Crue bassist Sixx said the song he lost it to was Seals & Crofts' "Summer Breeze" -- "unfortunately," he laughed -- but it wasn't so much the first experience that lingers in his memory as much as what happened immediately afterward.


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