Pros & Cons: Proposing With Multiple Rings

A Miami man proposed to his girlfriend last week, and he bought six rings so she could pick the one she liked.  And now the proposal is going viral, and some people online think that's an amazing gesture . . . but some think it shows he's indecisive or doesn't know her that well.

So is he the most thoughtful BF in the world . . . or just the most indecisive.

Dennis Brown II proposed to his girlfriend Atara Dallas last week in Miami.  He's a designer so he went all out . . . we're talking rose petals on the floor, he had a giant poster made of a poem he wrote for her, and more. 

But one detail stands out:  He bought her 6 different rings, so she could pick the one she wanted.

The whole thing feels like he set it up to go viral, and it is . . . but maybe not how he wanted.  Some people think the six rings are an amazing gesture . . . but other people are criticizing him for it.

One woman tweeted, quote, "If a man proposes with six rings, he's indecisive [or] he doesn't know me well.  Either way it's a flag."

But Atara apparently liked it a lot.  She said yes, and went with the ring with a teardrop-shaped diamond.

According to Dennis's extensive list of vendors in his Instagram post about the proposal, he got the rings at Macy's.  Let's hope for his sake they don't have a "if you propose with it, you bought it" return policy.  

(More via New York Post

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