LISTEN: Billy Gibbons "Rollin' And Tumblin"

Producer and engineer Joe Hardy has a history of working with Billy Gibbons that began with ZZ Top's Eliminator and has continued through the guitarist's new solo record, The Big Bad Blues, on which Hardy also plays bass. We spoke with Hardy recently to get some insight into Gibbons' creative process.

Can you take us back for a moment to what the vibe of the Perfectamundo sessions was like and the kind of discussions you’re having with Billy as you guys get ready to make that record?That was a nutty record. It’s just a party -- it’s not songwriter material. It’s, “Let’s take a couple of shots of tequila, dance and then fuck." That’s the whole point of all of it. It’s not to make you think, it’s to make you feel good. It was guesswork from the start. What we do, we amuse ourselves. And if you liked it, great. And if you don’t, that’s fine too. We don’t really care. It’s not meant to be. We just go in and start. ... So anyway, we just enjoyed going in with absolutely nothing. There’s a blank screen and then we make something. It’s really satisfying. That record, Perfectamundo, was just a blast to make. Because it was so different for both of us.


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