Fire Escape: A Dad And His Toddler Daughter Drive A Wildfire

A dad recorded his dramatic drive through the wildfire in Northern California, and kept calm the whole time for his young daughter in the back seat.  The guardrails were on fire on one side, the other side had a brush fire, and emergency vehicles were coming from the other direction.  But dad kept his cool big time, and his daughter gave him props.  Then he accelerated and got out of there.


A woman named Rebecca Hackett recorded some of her frightening drive through the middle of the Woolsey Fire last Friday in Malibu, California.  The video shows her approaching a smokey tunnel, and when she gets to the other side, it's nothing but an orange, raging inferno.  You can hear burning embers hitting her windshield as she tries to make it through.  Luckily she does.



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