Apparently Elephants Love Pumpkins!

As they’ve done for the past few years, the elephants of the Oregon Zoo celebrated the arrival of the autumn season by squishing an assortment of giant pumpkins, which had been set out by caretakers. The elegant pachyderms gleefully performed their job without hesitation, goring the stubborn gourds until they got to the yummy sweet fruit inside.

Committed to conservation, Oregon Zoo is currently working to save endangered California condors, Oregon silverspot and Taylor's checkerspot butterflies, western pond turtles and Oregon spotted frogs. Other projects include studies on Asian elephants, polar bears, orangutans and giant pandas. Celebrating 125 years of community support, the zoo relies in part on donations through the Oregon Zoo Foundation to undertake these and many other animal welfare, education and sustainability programs.

The elephant family enjoyed squishing (and snacking on) some giant pumpkins, courtesy of farmer Larry Nelson. Such a gourd time!

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