WalMart Working On Shopping Carts That Spy On You

This isn't unsettling...

Walmart now wants to track every element of your experience in their stores, such as your spending habits, your location, and now even your heart rate!!!

The company is now trying to patent a design for the "biometric feedback cart handle" on a shopping cart that is able to measure a shopper's heart rate, temperature, speed and the amount of force they grip the handle as they walk around a store.

The patent application was submitted Aug. 23 to the US Patent and Trademark Office. The cart would first measure "baseline" biometric data and compare the data from different points during a shopping visit.

The data would then be relayed back to a central server and, if it indicated the shopper was "not satisfied," the central server would send an alert to a shop assistant to go and help the customer.

Full Story HERE

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