Apparently Kids Prefer Pet Rats, Says Survey

Survey finds children and teens get more satisfaction from pet rats than any other animal

While people will often debate whether a cat or a dog makes a better house pet, it seems kids these days have other ideas. Believe it or not, a new survey finds children and teens would rather have rats.

That’s right, the survey, conducted by Right Pet, finds that adults and kids who ether currently own, or have owned animals between the ages of 10 and 17, share that pet rats gave them more satisfaction than any other type of pets.

So, what exactly do they love about these domesticated rats?  Well, the top reasons include:

Rats don't cost a lot to keep

Owning a rat builds self-esteem

Rats are smart and loving

Rats are sex (and death) educational

Rats are clean and won't give people the plague

Rats freak parents out (which kids love)

There are some downsides to pet rats though. They tend to live only two to three years, plus they can be noisy at night, they like to chew things and they need their cage cleaned several times a week.

Oh, and rats love pizza too!

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