Schools Install Pedal Desks To Fight Obesity

A school has installed exercise bike-like desks for students to fight obesity

Like folks here in the US of A , The United Kingdom is currently dealing with an obesity crisis. According to a study, one in five British children are reportedly overweight or obese by the time they start school. That’s why Red Oak Primary School in Lowestoft, Suffolk, have installed exercise bike-style desks for students to try and keep them healthy.

While the students, ages seven and eight, are reading or doing math problems, they’re pedaling away on floor-mounted “bikes” that also serve as desks. They call it the “active classroom.” The school is hoping that the effort will help them live a more active lifestyle… and lose weight.

So far, school staff are thrilled with the results. So much so that they’re planning on installing more of the desks for even more classes. “The behavior is better and engagement in lessons has been great,” says teacher Johnny Lee. “The class has been really enthusiastic and they like using the bikes.”

Some school districts in the US are experimenting with "kinesthetic learning" and the teachers love it:

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