Here Are The Worst Foods To Feed Your Kids Or Grandkids

According to The Science of Eating, these are the worst foods for kids and how to replace them with healthier options.

Chicken Nuggets: full of preservatives, sugar, and other unhealthy fillers

Soft Drinks: packed with caffeine and sugar

Hot Dogs & Processed Lunch Meats:  astonishing levels of sodium, saturated fat, and calories. 

Boxed Mac N’ Cheese:full of GMOs, sodium, empty carbs, and artificial coloring

Sugary Cereals:nothing but sugar and empty calories

French Fries: French fries are delicious, but they’re full of sodium and trans fat that can lead to diabetes and heart problems

Now none of these foods is bad if you eat them in moderation and occasionally. So keep giving your kids these delicious items, but add to their diets vegetables and others things to balance their diets.... 


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