WTF-Open Air Public Urinals Are A Thing In Paris

Is this a good idea, or just gross? Officials in Paris recently started installing sidewalk urinals all over the city to discourage guys from peeing directly on the street, or on the sides of buildings. And the urinals are in VERY public places.

They're about the size of a mailbox, with a big opening in the front. So guys can walk up, unzip, and have at it. And not everyone thinks they're a good idea.

There's been an UPROAR from people who don't want to see guys whizzing out in the open. Especially since some of the urinals are in tourist spots. There's even one near the Notre-Dame cathedral.

They've been installing them since last year. So they're not brand new. But they're popping up in more places now, and people don't like it.

There's a layer of straw inside to soak up the urine and help with the smell. Then it's used as compost in public parks. So they are eco-friendly, if that matters.

They also have flower beds on top of them, so they're not such an eyesore. But regardless they're still big, square boxes full of pee that DO occasionally leak.

 So is this a good idea or not? Well, according to a new survey a lot of Americans say YES. 46% said they'd support having them in their own city, 27% said it's a bad idea and another 27% aren't sure. 

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