Pregnant Woman Warned By Her Dog

When  Alhanna Butler was pregnant with her first child, her Keola wouldn’t stop following her around and crying. At first, the mom-to-be found her pet’s attentiveness cute. However, she later discovered the animal was trying to warn her.

Keola is an American Akita, a breed known for it's attentiveness and protectiveness.  When Alhanna felt sharp pain in her lower back she simply thought it was a symptom of her pregnancy and her doctor agreed.  Still, Keola wouldn’t stop following the future mom around and staring at her.  

When Ahlanna posted about it on social media, several of her friends encouraged her to take the warning seriously.

Good thing. A visit to an intensive care unit revealed Butler had a double kidney infection, which explains the lower back pain, as well as Keola’s behavior. The rare infection actually had her moments from death if left untreated.

Ahlanna recovered from her infection and delivered a healthy baby boy named Lincoln, and he already has a BFF for life in Keola the amazing dog, and the two are said to be getting along wonderfully.



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