Homeless Man Begs For Someone To Take His Resume

He was a web developer, and suddenly he found himself unemployed, and eventually homeless, living on a park bench in Silicon Valley. From here the story takes a turn that most wouldn't expect to see. 

Dave was down, but not out, and found a different way to try and find a new job! He took to the street corner with a sign that said 


Yep, you read that correctly, he wasn't asking for a hand out, he was asking people to take his resume. What happened next he couldn't have dreamed of. One man saw Dave's sign and tweeted it out, then the retweets started, and now Dave has had offers from Google, Netflix, and more! 

Homeless Hands Out Resume | ABC News July 30, 2018

WATCH: A homeless man is now sifting through job offers after a photo of him handing out his resume on a California highway went viral.

Posted by World News Now on Monday, July 30, 2018


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