Trailer Trash: Stranger Things, TWD, Game Of Thrones & More

A "Stranger Things" Teaser Hints That It'll Take Place in a Mall and Be Out Next Summer 

Netflix has released a teaser for Season Three of "Stranger Things", and apparently, there's a chance the 'gate' could re-open at a Waldenbooks.

It's a VERY '80s-style ad hyping the opening of a mall in Hawkins, Indiana, where the show is set. None of the regular characters are shown, except Steve, who's got a job at an ice cream place called Scoops Ahoy.

The end of the 'ad' says the new mall is "coming" next summer so there's a pretty good chance that's when we can expect Season Three to come out. 


Can you believe it--Game of Thrones is already at season 8!


Some shake-ups at The Walking Dead as we see the departure of Andrew Lincoln from the cast.

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