Workouts You Can Do Without Getting Out Of Bed

There’s nothing more relaxing than staying in bed. You can nap, read, look at your device, and even exercise.

As long as you have a pillow, your comfy haven is actually a great place to work out and be lazy at the same time. So, beat the system with these five routines.

5-Minute Inner Thighs & Abs in Bed

Pillow Workout For Lazy Days At Home

11-Minute Pillow Abs– This is a pure core workout.

At Home Pillow Workout– This one does require you to crawl out of bed for a 30 second challenge. In less than one minute you’ll have a full body workout. Really.

The Angry Workout– You have to leave your bed for this one, but you also get to get all that anger out of your system. After 20-minutes, it’s back to snoozing.

This serves as a good reason to buy top-notch pillows.  Winning!

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