Survey Says: Most Overused Office Phrases

According to a new poll, 72% of people admit to using such overused phrases out of habit, which is certainly falling on deaf ears, since 60% say they don’t even understand what most of them mean. What’s more, 27% of employees tune out colleagues who use such jargon too often.

The survey also compiled a list of the 40 most cringe-worthy phrases used in the office, with “give it 110%” and “think outside the box” voted the most annoying ones out there.

Top Ten Most Hated Office Phrases

(click here for the complete list)

Give 110%

Think outside the box

Hammer it out

Heavy lifting

Throw them under the bus

Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched

Pushing the envelope

Let the cat out of the bag

Let’s circle back

Win-win situation

What office phrases do you find to be the most cringe-worthy?

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