U2 Wants You To Use Your Cell Phone At Their Concerts

Have you heard of a musical act who encourages fans to hold their phones up in front of their faces during concerts? Well, that's what U2 is doing now.  They have an app that fans will be able to use during their tour, which will supposedly enhance the experience. 

Although, it involves you looking at your phone not the live performance. 

If you have the app at a show, you hold your phone up and point it at the band's 100-foot-long LED wall, and it will trigger a, quote, "specially curated audio visual experience emerging through your mobile device."

And you don't even have to be at the show to do it.  Fans with the app at home can point their camera at U2's album cover for "Songs of Experience" to, quote, "get a taste of what's coming up in the show."  

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