Unarmed Safari Guide Stops Charging Elephant

Alan McSmith is a safari guide in Africa.  This encounter with a wild elephant has gone viral with some calling him the "elephant whisperer".

This is Alan's take on the video from the YouTube description:

"Thank you for taking the time to comment on my seminal elephant encounter video and it would be great to respond by sharing the story behind it.  The video, filmed on a wilderness trail, is a one-in-a-million encounter. It is authentic and the elephant is wild, not trained. Neither are there any AK47s, snipers or nuclear warheads behind me.  

As a wilderness guide I strive to avoid confrontations with wild animals...  However, the reality is that things do not always go according to the book...  

I did not get myself into a situation, I got myself and our trail party out of one. How evenly the bull walks away at the end, comfortable enough to turn his back on us, is a testament to this...

 It took me 18 months to post the video online because of this, but i wanted to share the wonder of elephants... 

My message is about a transformative view of elephant awareness.  And wilderness conservation. It is time to view these animals through a different lens, a lens that also incorporates our own wholeness and sacred attitudes.  The encounter was after all about the elephant, not me."

Visit Alan's site here.

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