NBA Players Are Addicted To This One Video Game

Turns out NBA players are just as addicted to video games as the rest of us. The game is Fortnite, the hottest game of 2018 so far.  Andre Drummond says four players on the Pistons are hooked.  Timberwolves stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins have played until dawn.  Paul George is a fan, and L.A.'s Josh Hart recent wore a pair of custom Fortnite-themed Nikes onto the court. The game pits players in a Hunger Games-style free-for-all where you have to find supplies and weapons and try to take out other players before they find you.  Fortnite has over 40 million registered users and will soon be coming to cell phones and tablets.If you made the kind of money an NBA player makes, would you still play video games?  Have you played Fortnite?



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