The Story Behind Netflix's "Veronica"

Is the Netflix Movie Veronica based on Real Events? The movie states that the movie Veronica was inspired by a real paranormal case which Spanish police had to solve. Let's shed some light on the real story behind the movie Veronica. What makes Veronica so scary is that it is based on a true story. In 1992 Madrid police investigated the mysterious case of a young girl. She passed away in the hospital shortly after meddling with a board. The case was never really solved and remains “unexplained” to this day.

'Known as the "Vallecas" case after the area in which it unfolded, the events which took place in a small flat, 8 Luis Marín, in the working class Madrid suburb led to the production of the only police report in the country which is said to be stamped "unexplained".

Later, the senior police officer involved in the investigation would describe what he saw as "horrendous", while two of his colleagues were so panicked by what they witnessed in the flat that they had to leave moments after they entered.

That case also centred on a teenage girl, though her name was not Veronica but Estafania Gutierrez Lazaro.

The eldest of four children, she died suddenly and inexplicably in August 1991, six months after playing with a Ouija board, and aged just eighteen.' - MORE VIA THE SUN



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