Russians Encounter Giant Icebreaker While Driving Around


Some crazy Russians were just out driving over the icy Arctic sea in pickup trucks when they encountered a huge atomic powered icebreaker!

 According to the Russian media outlet RT, this is what happened:

"Evgeny Shatalov, one of the drivers, said he managed to get close to the giant ship and touched it, posting his claim on Instagram. He also jokingly regretted that no one on the team touched the icebreaker with their tongue, as that would surely bring good luck to the whole endeavor. When the ship passed by, it was some -50 Celsius... The team is driving factory-stock Toyota pickup trucks to the far-north town of Dixon. The daring expedition started on January 15 from the city of Norilsk."

(h/t Russia Today)

Click on the Instagram post below to watch the video:

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