Everything Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein did NOT fly to Europe for some kind of rehab as expected. 

He went to Arizona. People think he's going to a clinic called The Meadows.

A member of Harvey's entourage went off on a reporter who showed up at the airport to record the moment for posterity.

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Earlier in the day, he paid a visit to his attorney's office in L.A., and flipped the bird at the press.

Harvey's day started out with even MORE drama, though. In the morning he went to his 22-year-old daughter Remy's house, where they got into a huge fight. At one point, Harvey went out to the street and tried to flag down a passing car for a ride.

She got him back in the house, but she eventually called 911, claiming her dad was suicidal and depressed.

"30 Rock" had Harvey's number a years ago. They called him out in 2012 and in 2013.

But wait, there's more:

LINDSAY LOHAN used that bizarre, fake accent of hers to DEFEND Harvey. She posted a video saying it's "very wrong" what's happening to him, and that his wife should have his back. But she deleted her post, then said the accusers should take their stories to the authorities.

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