Meet Adriana, 39, and her husband Leandro, 37.  They have been in a common law marriage for seven years and have a six-year-old daughter.

The Brazilian couple - who are keeping their last name secret - both were looking for their respective mothers who were names Maria - a common name in Brazil. The couple had the same stories, that they had been abandoned as children by their mother.  They felt it was one of the things they had in common.

(Image Credit: Radio Globo via The Daily Mail)


But neither ever imagined - until this week - that the "Maria" they had both been searching for could have been the same person. 
So last month Adriana got in touch with Radio Globo to see if they could help.  They found Maria and the mom and her daughter were reunited on the air.
The bombshell: as the interview wraps up Maria revealed that she had another child named Leandro whom she also abandoned. As it becomes clear that it is the same Leandro that she was married to, Adriana breaks down, saying "now I'm scared to go home and find out that Leandro doesn't want me any more. I love him so much."

Adriana and Leandro have stated that they would stay together, despite the bombshell that they are actually brother and sister.

Adriana said: 'Only death is going to separate us. All this happened because God wanted it to happen."