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Jack Emerson


Why I Don't Tailgate

This tailgater gets brake-checked, then loses it.    
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Didn't This Happen To Winnie-The Pooh?

Storybook tale comes to life:  A bear gets a jug stuck on his head. Yeah, you go take it off... Then there's this guy in the bear suit.      
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10 Things You Can Not Do With Big Boobs

I can not relate to this video at all, but I'm thankful that it's so informative to those of us who do not have to deal with breast size. Ladies, is this true? Are you large chested and...
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Kid Smashes Window Of $250K Car

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This Is Why I Love Jumping Rope...

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Fun On A Jetski With Jordan

I'm really into jetskis now. 
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Man Sees Donald Trump In His Bathroom Tile

I definitely could see it right away! Can you "find the Trump" in this bathroom? 
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Anchor Follies: TV Weather Reporter Freaks Out Over Spider

I was just really focused on how thick her Canadian accent was! NOOOOoooOOO!
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Laser Show Is A Must See--And Not Just Because Of The Lingerie

How does she do it?  Who cares... it's just cool.      
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Guy Playing Pokemon Go Fell Into A Pond...

Why I don't play Pokemon GO Because people playing don't watch where they're going. ***WARNING: Uncensored Profanity***     But there's more....
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