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Why You Do NOT Ride A 4 Wheeler Into Traffic

Man riding a 4-wheeler wearing no protective gear rides into oncoming traffic on a city street.  Darwin Award nominee, perhaps? Warning:  Shows a 4-wheeler crashing into oncoming...
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Guess Who's Opening For The Chili Peppers At Pre-Superbowl Concert...

Photo and article courtesy of Billboard   This will be an awesome concert!!!!  Run-DMC opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in San Francisco before Superbowl 50!  ...
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The First Big Ad From The Big Game Stars...Christopher Walken

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TV Anchor Interviews Gunshot Victim Live

KHQA TV's Reyna Harvey was covering a shooting Quincy a few days ago when the victim walks up and is interviewed live. Watch:    
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WTF Selfie: This One Has Gone Viral

WHOA! Now, that's a SELFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why I Drink Beer & Don't Surf

 Surfer Tom Dosland was captured on video riding a wave on Hawaii's north side that is known as "Jaws".  This huge wave will carry off anything and chew it up.  this sufer survived...
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So Megyn Kelly Posed For A Few Sexy Pictures...

Fox News' Megyn Kelly has been sniping with The Donald --eh most recently called her a "bimbo"--and now Trump is not having it.  Won't be doing the debate thing.  Normally, I...
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This Year's First Darwin Award Nominee?

  According to a Fox 2 News Detroit report , The Michigan State Police Department said that 58 year old Clifford Jones of Detroit died after rolling his 1996 Toyota on an I-75 on...
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Amazing Blizzard Time Lapse

If anyone can appreciate massive amounts of snow falling, it's we Iowegians.  Over the weekend as winter storm Jonas hit the east coast Youtuber ryanmcell of Purcellville, Virginia, posted...
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Is Steve Perry The Next Rocker To Die?

Steve Perry  left a cryptic birthday message last Friday on his  Fan Asylum webpage . And it sounds like he's worried about joining the growing list of recent rock-and-roll deaths....
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