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Jack Emerson


The Cubs Just Got Jinxed

Cubs fans just don't know how to quit while they're ahead, do they? I'm thinking there's no way they win it now.     Cool or Curse? #Chicago #Cubs #WorldSeries Fan =...
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Anchor Follies: Metinka's Weather Interrupted By Microsoft Windows 10 Update

Wednesday AM when Metinka Slater was giving the forecast on KCCI-TV Microsoft decided at that moment to let her know a software update was recommended.  Nice timing! And of course...
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Can You ID This Famous Person?

This was spotted on Twitter this week. Selfie of the Week Award?     Something is happening in Hollywood tonight. — Patrick Stewart...
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Why I Don't Go Kayaking

As the description reads, "during a big day of kayaking the Rio Jalacingo in Mexico, Edward Muggridge drops in on Tomata 2, one of the scariest waterfalls on the entire river!" Indeed:...
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Was Prince Murdered?

It didn't take much time for this to come out:      
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The Time Prince Blew Away Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Steve Winwood

Catch this solo of While My Guitar Gently Weeps :    
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Adults Try To Pass A 4th Grade Test

Doh!  How well can you do?     Better yet, they try to pass a 3rd grade math test. Pffftt.  
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Anchor Follies: Dumbest News Commentary Of Stolen Mustang Chase

Sometimes anchors can be dumb as a box of rocks.  Listen to this commentary of a police chase after a stolen Mustang.  Facepalm!      
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Witness The Sport Of The Future

Forget NASCAR--it's professional drone racing.  The Drone Racing League or DRL formed earlier this year, and they have 16 events planned worldwide this year.  Check it out:  ...
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Game Of Thrones Cast Plays "Name That Butt"

Funny--let's see if the "Game of thrones" Cast can ID each others' butts.      
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