For those who love the study of bugs and bug behavior, this is your year for seeing a unique critter not seen very often here in Iowa.

Dr. Donald Lewis, entomologist at ISU is referring to the Periodical Cicada - or 17 Year Locust. 

Dr. Lewis says once the eggs hatch, they burrow into the ground and remain there for 17 years. 

This is the year they will emerge.  Oh, great...

The good news is, they're not harmful to people or pets - they don't sting, bite, nor will they eat crops or your veggie or flower garden. 

They will make a racket during the midday hours, according to the professor, while they're attracting a mate.

The alternative for those of us who don't like bugs might be to wear a haz-mat suit for the next four to five weeks.

Oh and if you use a motorcycle, you might keep your mouth closed.