With the rain the last few days, Des Moines city officials are dealing with flood threats and have closed some streets and trails as a precaution.  

As of 9am, the Des Moines River at 2nd Avenue was at 20.12 feet, less than three feet below flood stage.  It's expected to crest at 21.1 feet Tuesday. 

At SE 6th Street, the Des Moines River is less than a foot above flood stage, and is expected Tuesday to crest at about a foot over flood stage.  

Meanwhile, the Raccoon River at Fleur Drive Tuesday is expected to crest at nearly 2 feet above flood stage.  

Four Mile Creek is just below the 12 foot flood stage and Walnut Creek is about 3 feet below flood stage.

Currently, city officials say these streets are closed:

  • Birdland Drive from Saylor Road to 6th Avenue
  • Prospect Road from Hickman to Martin Luther King Parkway
  • George Flagg Parkway from SW 28th to Bell Avenue
  • Williams Street from Dubuque Avenue to Four Mile Drive
  • East Washington Avenue from Williams Street to East 42nd Street
  • Four Mile Drive From East 40th Court to East 41st Court
  • East Jefferson Avenue from East 38th to Four Mile Drive
  • Mattern Avenue from East 38th Court to East 39th Court
  • East 37th Street from Easton Boulevard to Arthur Avenue

The following trails are closed:

  • Neal Smith Trail-Euclid Avenue to Saylor Road
  • Trestle to Trestle Trail-west of Euclid Bridge
  • Principal River Walk-Principal Park to Center Street
  • Walnut Creek Trail-Center Street to Ashworth Pool
  • Des Moines River Trail-SE 6th to Hartford Ave.
  • Bill Riley Trail