The Iowa Supreme Court has been asked to forgo the bar exam as one of the requirements for Iowa law school graduates to practice in the state.

The request comes from the Iowa Bar Association. It wants the high court to allow graduates of the Drake University Law School and the College of Law at the University of Iowa to be able to practice in the state without taking the bar exam.

It consists of a four parts, a multiple choice test, a Multistate Bar Exam, a Multistate Essay Exam and a Professional Responsibility Exam.

The bar association wants the court to adopt what is called "diploma privledge" which would mean grads in Iowa with a law school diploma could forgo the bar exam. They would still have to be found to be of good moal character.

Wisconsin is the only state in the country with something similar to diploma privledges.

The Supreme Court is accepting public comment regarding the proposal through July 14th.

A public hearing has been scheduled for August 27th