Democratic Candidate for Governor, Jack Hatch, along with running mate, Monica Vernon, plan to kick off a state-wide tour next week in Iowa, highlighting Governor Terry Branstad's "failure" to create jobs. 

In a press release, Hatch says the economy has created only 55,000 jobs, despite Branstad's claim he would create 200,000 by 2015.  The Hatch campaign also released data from third party sources showing that the state lagged in job creation.  

In a phone interview on Friday, Hatch said the tour, called the "Iowa 2020 Plan-New Era of Prosperity" will open up conversations with communities across Iowa about building from the ground up.

"You don't build from the top down; you build from the community up. We are going to be investing in communities, asking communities what they see, what they need in their area. What they need to grow," Jack Hatch.

Hatch says luring big companies to Iowa as the sole economic strategy for the state is not beneficial.  


The "Iowa 2020 Plan-New Era of Prosperity" tour will kick off July 3, stopping in Mason City, Waterloo, Manchester, Maquoketa and Davenport. Hatch says the tour will continue through central and western Iowa in the coming weeks.